Boost Sales as a Shopee Seller with Trending Home Products

If you’re looking to freshen up your newly built BTO home or upgrade your living space, you’re able to get some amazing deals on the internet. From traditional Nordic sofas to modern rattan TV consoles, it’s possible to find wallet-friendly furnishing pieces here.

The more e-commerce sites aggregate as they grow, they are beginning to trim off discounts and free shipping. This is because user stickiness is now a crucial internal KPI that these platforms use.

Home Upgrades

Remodeling your home using Shopee are a great method to improve the value of your home. If you’re trying to increase the functionality of your home, make it more cozy or simply to freshen it up with new decor or furniture there’s something that will appeal to every person on the site. Shopee users are particularly drawn to kitchen and dining products like dishes and storage options So it’s vital to offer a wide range of options to satisfy these needs.

In addition to the many opportunities to improve your home on Shopee, customers can also get perks and rewards when they buy load and pay their bills using ShopeePay. Check out the Shopee Home Fair on 28 and 29 May to get low-priced flash sales of up to P49 and shipping discount coupons, and exclusive top picks for homeowners who are new and tenants. You can also maximize your spending with an array of ShopeePay-exclusive load deals, bill payment cashback vouchers in the near future, as well as 7.7 Mid-Year Sale promos.

Furniture and Appliances Deals

It is among the top E-commerce websites in the area, Shopee offers a massive variety of merchandise from various categories. It includes footwear, apparel clothes, accessories for fashion, beauty items, sports products, household appliances and electronics. It also has a dedicated category for furniture and furnishings. The customers can anticipate the best discounts on these products by shopping on the website during busy shopping days and festivals.

The category Home and Living is an extremely popular category on the site, with buyers looking for items that provide convenience and functionality. They include air purifiers as well as vacuum cleaners as well as smart home picks like electronic locks, laundry racks and even laundry baskets. Items for food and beverages are also in high demand, with buyers searching for organizers for kitchens, storage solutions including dinnerware, kitchenware, as well as cooking equipment. Some of the most popular products in this category include Bluetooth headphones and USB flash drives.

The cost of purchasing the latest BTO getting more expensive, homeowners are seeking ways to save money by upgrading their existing houses. Fortunately, they can do this with the help of Shopee, which has several offers on appliances and furniture that are simply too great to pass up. As an example, the Prism+ Zero Smart Aircon can be purchased for $2,399 (U.P. $3,049) in the Home Fair. That’s 21%, and even comes with the furniture installation bundle for free at Sabai Design.

Affordable Home Improvement

When you sell on Shopee, you can boost your sales by offering items that are in line with popular trends and consumer preferences. Air purifiers, for instance as well as humidifiers, vacuum cleaners and other air purifiers are popular since more and more customers are looking for their health benefits and energy efficiency. As a result, increasing numbers of consumers are choosing cooking and dining equipment such as food processors, slow cookers and crock pots Kitchen organisers, kitchen dishes, as well as dinnerware and utensils.

Specific home improvements items such as the latest smart such as smart or learning thermostats, and HVAC equipment also tend to go for sale on Black Friday. DIY projects (think the backyard shed, patios and even sales on tin tiles) are easily found around this time too.

Apart from offering products that match current trending consumer preferences In addition, you can increase customer loyalties by providing exceptional service to customers. Answer promptly to queries or complaints, provide convenient payment methods, and offer precise and thorough product descriptions to help customers identify the correct items. Choose the most reliable fulfillment and logistics service provider to ma giam gia shopee make sure that your customers receive their orders in time.