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When Takeda confronts him at the store, Ukai asks if it’s the Ukai name that Takeda desires, and after Takeda confirms it’s part of the reason, Ukai appears to assume over it. He is utterly stunned at desirous to know how the 2 first years managed the fast attack without using any indicators, only to hear from Hinata that he jumps where he wants because he knows the ball will come to him. Once Shimada begins using a jump float serve, Ukai explains to Takeda how the service works and the issue of trying to receive it. He rejects Takeda again, claiming he does not need to babysit high school boys. Despite his tough character, he is a powerful player, and his middle college team is known to have been sturdy solely during the years he played.

Immediately upon seeing the assault, Ukai is shown to have a thoughtful look. As the game continues, Ukai helps Takeda perceive how certain methods and performs work and how some issues won’t be attainable for them to do, such as Nishinoya attempting to obtain each blocked spike because of the pace at which the ball travels. Though he would not understand this, Ukai believes the attack was successful due to Kageyama’s overwhelming expertise. Even with having seen Kageyama’s outstanding skills, Ukai also notices that Sugawara has a higher relationship and sense of trust with a number of the older players. Like the Neighborhood Affiliation members, he is stunned when he sees Hinata and Kageyama’s freak-fast assault for the first time.

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